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Welcome to French Affaires Weekly, a once-a-week journey to a delicious part of France or French culture. Recently, we introduced:

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"Our French Valentine's Week Cake"
To celebrate Valentine's Day this year, my husband and I decided to make a nice French dinner at home here in France. I drew the lucky straw and got to come up with dessert and the sparkling wine. On the other hand, my husband spoke up for the main dish - God bless him. He had been wanting to try a recipe from one of our vintage French cookbooks - Veal Scallops with Tarragon. So I said, "Vas-y". "Do it!" "Go for it!" I thought, how can you miss with a recipe that includes beef broth, tarragon and brandy? Simple answer, you can't. It was divine.
Then for the dessert. As my French Affaires' French Cookbook club friends and guests know, my French culinary roots run deep. I would have been game to try a challenging dessert recipe. Goodness knows, the French offer quite an array of sweets choices from every region of the country. But on Tuesday, I was running errands in our neighboring village of Milly-la-Foret… mini-market for a few staples, boulangerie for baguettes, pharmacy for aspirin. And then, I remembered THE CAKE.
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