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Welcome to French Affaires Weekly, a once-a-week journey to a delicious part of France or French culture. Recently, we introduced:

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"French Mustard on the Move"
You've probably heard that the food truck craze has hit France and Paris in particular. French-style burgers, dim sum, tex-mex, pizza (though great pizza trucks have been around in France for a long time!), sandwiches, ice cream, crepes and more are on offer in these mobile meal machines and are getting rave reviews. Last year even saw the country's first "Food Trucks Festival" take place just outside Paris. Click here and here for quick guides to Paris food trucks by Le Figaro newspaper and L'Express magazine.
But the famous French Dijon mustard company Maille has decided to one-up the French food truck frenzy and share its delicious offerings on a national tasting tour across America. This month, following a wildly successful East coast tour this past summer, the Maille Mustard Mobile is turning heads in California and the Midwest. The snazzy mustard-bar-on-wheels will spread the French mustard love in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and Chicago at food festivals, local restaurants, food stores and trendy urban locations.


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